Gunung Berantai Eco Park




Gunung Berantai Eco Park is an adventure development project by Laili Basir Event Adventure and Nizam Excellent Enterprise as a part of the overall effort to promote Hutan Lipur Lubuk Yu as one of the most diverse adventure destination in Malaysia.
Gunung Berantai Eco Park works together with renowned members of outdoor and adventure industry to offer a variety of experiential learning event and learning events and human capital development programs that caters to all level of audience including corporate development programs, youth leadership programs and technical skill trainings.
Gunung Berantai Eco Park can also lend its experience and technical know how to assist any potential clients to organize and manage corporate events such as family day, executive retreats, corporate war games and even treasure hunts.

Gunung Berantai Eco Park is a community effort, founded by members of Malaysian outdoor community towards these objectives:

    • To develop the Malaysian outdoor & recreation industry through enrichment of knowledge, introduction of latest technology and improvement of technical skills.
    • To promote Malaysian is ultimate destination for adventure pursuits with rich diversity of natural and cultural heritage.
    •  To instill the spirit of conservation towards the preservation of our natural resources, wildlife and cultural heritage.

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